Wow. I am SO sorry this has taken me so long! I actually had a draft started the next day, but . . . well, let’s just say the past–wow, has it already been almost a month?–has kind of gotten away from me. I had to put my focus on some other things for a while. Still definitely working on that whole “balance” thing I talk so much about.

So! In the last post, I described my ideal house. Well, not the structure–trust me, I could describe that extensively too–but how I would like to¬†keep my house. So today I’m going to do the actual cost/benefit analysis of keeping it that way. I intended to write this based on specific points from my ideal house, I discovered that it all really boils down to the same costs and benefits.

So! Here we go:

Having a house that is not immaculate, but balanced in its cleanliness and comfort.

cost–Balance is extremely difficult to achieve, so this would cost me some peace of mind while trying to achieve it. I’m not sure “peace of mind” is exactly accurate for what I’m trying to say, but it’s the best I can come up with right now. It would also cost me the extra effort to keep the house clean enough to stay that way. And it involves facing my fear of not swinging too far the other way and my fear of failure.

benefit–The benefit of this would be having everyone comfortable when they come over; not feeling awkward when people just drop by; not racing to clean at the last minute when someone calls to ask if they can come over later that day . . . or even the next day; teaching my children to keep a clean house, as well as the benefits of balance; and developing a general routine that, over time, will mean that I have greater peace of mind rather than less.

So there we go: a long-waited for post that really isn’t very much at all. Don’t worry, more should be coming more regularly because . . . I have specific writing assignments from my counselor. ;)

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